Handyman Disasters – When Handyman Insurance Could Be Handy!

Blog post by Andy Jason from Brighton:

Handyman insurance, you might scoff, was what saved me from going through a midlife crisis last night. Just as I was finishing a job for a friend, drilling screws into a wall for a plasma screen bracket, my drill accidentally tore through major electrical wiring and caused substantial cosmetic damage to the wall. Uh oh! I thought I was in for some serious out-of-pocket expenses and severe embarrassment when I realised I had my cheap handyman insurance to hand. A few calls later and phew, I was saved a substantial financial headache. Amen! I just popped straight through to Home Depot for the parts I could fix and contacted an Electrician to fix the rest. That said, there have been a few stories when Professional Handymen did NOT have any handymen insurance and that’s where an idea for this blog post popped into my head.

Handyman Insurance

Below are two of the craziest handyman disasters I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances:

1. Edward (not real name, obviously to save disappointment), despite being a professional Handyman, did NOT have his handyman insurance and paid for it. Having bought taps from the local Plumbing Store, he was ready to adjust his wrench and begin screwing on the taps for an expensive bathtub. Only, he put too much weight behind the twist and split the tub halfway across the middle. His wealthy client wasn’t very pleased and did more than write a scathingly bad review for his services online. It’s true, there are professional Handymen who don’t have insurance or have forgotten to renew.


  1. Personal liability insurance wasn’t a real concern for Tom when his ladder was extended far beyond it’s recommended height without a supporting weight. His ladder scrapped the wall and slipped freefall hitting expensive homewares and placed art pieces whilst Henry unfortunately landed on an awkward angle. Not worth breaking 11 bones in his feet and 6 in his wrists and the financial burden of damaging expensive decor and art! Suffice to say Henry was more than 5 times out of pocket for the profit he was supposed to gain from the job.


Take home point:
1. Be Safe always, make sure you take your time and;
2. Definitely buy handyman insurance in case disaster strikes! My own insurance is really cheap and helpful!

Borker or Direct? Van Insurance

Van Insurance UK

Here below we share one of our visitor’s experience while dealing with Van insurance brokers.

van insurance brokers


I started my business of transporting goods from one place to another during last month. I hired three professional drivers for my vans. Now I needed to insure my vans against any future losses that might take place. Since I was quiet busy in completing the legal formalities of starting a business I had no time for studying different van insurance policies and make a choice. But one thing was sure that I wanted the most economical policies for my vans as my business was just going to start and I could not pay for big insurance premiums for my van. I wanted such policy that will provide enough safety to my business besides being cheaper. In order to find out the best van insurance policy I hired a van insurance broker. It proved beneficial for me.

The van insurance broker gave me valuable information about the various van insurance policies that are prevalent in the market. He also suggested me to have such a van insurance policy that provides cover to the goods also which my vans will carry from one place to another. He did the comparison job for me told me about the best suited policy for my vans. He also told me a number of ways by which I can get discount on my van insurance policies. He told me to have all my vans insured by the same van insurance company as it will provide me some discount for additional policies.

-Steve from Newcastle

Importance of Building Insurance

Building Insurance

  Building insurance is important. This is because that if you are taking a home insurance then in cases of damage caused to your building, you cannot claim for the building. To ensure that your building is protected against damages and that you get a security against the financial loss.

compare - gocompare

  Building insurance covers the stone, bricks or concrete and the outer or the external roof surface which is made of tiles, slates, asphalt, concrete or any other material that is completely incombustible. It also covers the fittings and fixtures along with any interior decorations. Along with this, any outbuildings which are domestic like garage or swimming pools or fixed oil tanks, tennis courts, gates and fences etc.

Building insurance covers the following perils:

 Fire, explosion, lightning or earth quake.

 Aircraft or any other Ariel device falling on the building.

 Flood, tempest or storms.

 Water escape, fixed water tanks or pipes facing frost damage.

 Escape of the oil from the domestic fixed oil-fired heating system.

 Smoke damage caused due to damage in heating installations.

 Attempted theft or theft.

 Animal or vehicle impact.

 Damage caused by riot, strike, violent disorder or any other person having a malicious intent.

 Heave or the subsidence of the site where the building was built.

 Falling telegraph poles or trees.

 Falling satellite dishes which are aerially fixed for radios and television.

 Breakage of fixed glasses, solar panels, sanitary fixtures or ceramic hobs by accident.

  This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other coverage given and are specifically mentioned by the insurers terms and conditions. But what must be the coverage amount and how to decide that is matter that requires expertise. Inspecting the building and then committing the valuations is basic way of determining the coverage amount. This valuation is to be done only by professional and trained people. These people carefully inspect the building and then assess the property value.

  In case of an under valuation or over valuation, a loss will occur during the time of the claim and the looser can be anyone. It may be the insurer who sits on the loser’s seat. It may be the insured as well! Hence, the necessity of a proper valuation by the trained professionals is advocated. Building insurance is one of the very important breeds of insurance and is required for a safe living.

How to Find Cheaper Insurance for Young Drivers

Finding Cheap Car Insurance Policies for New Drivers

If you are a person who has just got through your driving test, you may be aware of the hardships you have to face when you are out in the market looking for cheap car insurance. The car insurance providers think that the new drivers belong to the high-risk category. Statistics have proved that one out of the five new car drivers meet with an accident in the first two years of driving. This makes them think twice before they make a quote to the new drivers.


Searching for cheap car insurance is a really challenging task for the new drivers. One factor that makes it tough is the fact that they will not have ‘no claims discounts’ to claim for. Some among the significant tips that can help the new drivers in availing cheaper car insurance are mentioned below.

Join for Pass Plus

You have to consider joining for Pass Plus when you are done with our driving test. Pass Plus is an advanced driving course that will improve your driving skills. When you have gone through this course, you can prove in front of the car insurance providers that you have ample amount of experience behind the wheels and that too in all driving conditions. Most of the accredited driving schools offer this certificate. They teach the drivers and help them acquire skills including the different things to be kept in mind when they are driving in the motorways. This course will not cost much to the new drivers, but will help in reducing the overall cost of the insurance policy. The benefits you can reap by this course are not limited to reducing the cost of insurance. You can improve your driving skills drastically too.

Selecting the car

The car you go for can have a huge impact on the insurance premiums. You must try to get the cars that have small and less powerful engines. The cars with less powerful engines come under the low insurance classes. You must also make it a point to avoid modifying the cars under any circumstances.

Insurance in your parent’s name

If you so not have enough money to get insurance in your name, you can get the insurance in your parent’s name too. Even though, this technique will help you reduce the premium amounts, it is not that recommended. The thing is that you have to think about the future when you are trying to save petty amounts by taking the help of these techniques. You have to take the insurance in your name and start accumulating the no claims bonus as soon as possible. As the time passes, you can reap the benefits of taking the insurance in your name. The amount you save through the no claims bonus will be much higher than what you can save now through these techniques.

Comparing the quotes

You have to shop around and understand the trends in the market and the policies of the different insurance providers. The policies of the car insurance providers differ from one another and it is not advised to go for the first quote that comes your way. Going for the companies that specialize in offering insurance to young drivers is a good thing to do. They will be able offer you highly competitive rates.


Compare Market : Cheap Insurance Quotes Guide

How to Buy or Get Cheaper Car Insurance Policy

Auto insurance could be very expensive particularly for new and young drivers or those who are returning after a ban. However, there are some methods to ensure you are only paying as much as you need to.

 Get the Right Insurance Policy

The first thing that you have to consider is to get the right type of insurance policy. If your vehicle is not worth with best deal, then it is better to only consider for the third party insurance theft and fire. With the full protection insurance policy, check whether some of the options could be left off in order to reduce the premium. For example, if you don’t have an expensive audio equipment or having a simple standard car audio system, then you don’t need the 500 or 600 pounds worth of audio system protection.


Car Security

One of the best ways to reduce your car insurance policy premium will be installing a car alarm system and also parking your car in garage or in a driveway rather the side of the road could help you a lot.

No Claims Discount

 Many of the insurance policies reward drivers who do not claim by providing them a lot of discounts for every trouble-free year. Ensure that your insurance policy higher level on bonuses and you could save more than 65 percent of your money. Also check whether you could find a quick or rapid bonus policy that increases your discount rates more and more in the early years of the insurance policy, saving you a lot of money quickly.